Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Approaching the New Year 2011

As we all approach the New Year we make "new year resolutions" in different areas of our lives. But somewhere down the calendar year we fall short of completing these promises. We loose our focus, our drive and the stamina it takes to really change. Our we take our breath...I should say has a lot to do with it. We need to take a deep breath from the lungs so that our brain (our mind), our body (internal organs) and heart (our spirit) can get enough oxygen to supply all these things to run smoothly and connected. This is called the "yoga breath" or "deep abdominal breath". The more focus on the breath the quieter the mind gets allowing us to breath deeper into the lungs allowing the body to function at it's optimal. Calming the mind allows us to stay focused and to think & feel with a clear mind and heart. Thus,leaving us with less stress in our lives leaving room to stay focused, to think & feel clearly. Giving our bodies more stamina because we are not bogged down with the "junk". Bringing the mind, body & spirit together to complete those "new year resolutions". Wishing you all a peaceful, happy, healthy New Year full of big deep breathes..................

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