Saturday, March 17, 2012

What Motivates Your Practice?

Yoga quiets the mind, real yoga isn't physical (has the person saying that ever seen a
Vinyasa or hovered in Chaturanga?? So what motivates your practice? Quieting the mind, maybe, but how hard is that when your back or knees are screaming or it hurts when you try to do head rolls. When I began practicing yoga it was about getting over two dramatic events in my life. One had to do with career/job and the other a personal relationship. Both unfortunately happening at the same time!! Emotionally & physically I was drained and well, felt beat up!! There had to be a better way that I could cope with all of this and the rest of my life. Something that I could learn and make a part of my life. So I started to seek out my alternatives and meditation was my first I began my practice......started to feel better.......then I found yoga which at first was just physical after all I had meditation. But then I had a break though on the mat and did a posture I was totally afraid of doing. I gain a sense of courage, I knew I could tap into that courage & I continued to practice I began to notice little things about myself, the noise in my head started to quiet down, I was reacting differently, physically I felt stronger and more balance and my thinking was clearer and started to live in a much more positive all connected and spread into my life off the me that's real yoga!! No, it didn't happen overnight, it's gradual, it take time, commitment and practice. It takes showing up, mostly to yourself.

Whatever the reason we come to yoga, we should know that we've got nothing to apologize for or hide from. Balance postures give us permission to play & challenge us. They teach us it's ok to fall...they show us how to land on our feet. Forward folds teach us how good it feels to release our tight grip on our legs, and well maybe our life! Inversions show us the world from another perspective while back-bends teach us to be vulnerable and to trust. Maybe other postures won't give us enlightenment, but we sure learn about practice and patience while trying.

So yoga is what it's "your" yoga.....whatever "you" want it to be....a cure
for pain....a quiet mind....great arms or abs. The important thing is that we practice everyday. We show up for ourselves.....

In gratitude I bow to you all for honoring me to be your teacher in past, present or future..........

Love, light & peace always

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